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free creative writing courseAre you a beginner writer? Do you know you want to put pen to paper but not know where to start? This eight-session online creative writing course will give you an introduction to the basic elements of creative writing, from prose fiction to poetry. The course is entirely free and you can work through it at your own pace. The exercises are designed to help you start writing and self-analyse your work. Feedback from a tutor will not be provided. However, you may ask questions along the way if there is something you don’t understand about how the course is put together. Post them in the comments box.  If you have any questions about how the course operates before contacting me please check out the FAQ list on the menu above which covers pretty much everything – and that includes how to get started and whether or not it’s really free!

Please note: This is a free course but that does not mean you will receive free critiques of your writing. The critiquing service mentioned in the FAQ is separate to this course. I do not give feedback on the exercises. If you would like me to give my professional opinion on your creative writing beyond this course please contact me for a quote. There is a link to these rates on the FAQ page.

And now, back to the fun (and free!) stuff. The creative writing course will cover:

  1. Releasing your Creativity
    Explore how to tap into your creativity, and whether you are naturally more inclined towards writing poetry or prose.
  2. How to write a short story
    A look at how writing a short story differs from writing a novel, and some tips on short story structure.
  3. Writing from a point of view (POV)
    How your choice of first, second or third person POV can have a dramatic effect on how readers engage with your story.
  4. Bringing your writing to life
    How to activate your writing and transform it into a sensual experience.
  5. Writing characters
    Writing complex, believable characters to inhabit your literary world.
  6. Writing dialogue
    Your voice as an author, writing dialogue between characters, use of dialect, and some tips on the mechanics of laying out your text.
  7. Poetry: how to write poems
    The basics of writing poetry – lyric versus narrative, structured versus free verse, rhythm and meter.
  8. Markets, competitions and opportunities
    How to further develop your writing by joining a writer’s group and entering competitions, and some tips on getting published.

the-creative-writing-coursebookI’ll mention helpful books and other useful resources as we go, which you can buy or borrow from your library – how you get hold of them is up to you, but try to get a look at them. If you click on the book cover it will take you to the book on Amazon. A very useful book on creative writing in general is The Creative Writing Coursebook. Please note however, this is not a ‘text book’ for this course – it’s just a book I have personally found useful. You do not need to get this book, or for that matter any book to do the course. But of course, it will help deepen your learning if you do.

Any questions? Then check out the Frequently Asked Questions page. Otherwise…

>> Click here to get started.

Happy writing!

306 comments on “Contents

  1. Lauren on said:

    I want to write a book about my family’s history and the impact it had on my life good and bad. I want my readers to feel like they were there from the first to last pages. However, I’m having a bit of a bumpy start with describing. Can you help me??

    • Fiona Veitch Smith on said:

      Lauren, if you send me a message through the contact form I can give you a quote for a critique of the opening chapters of your book. That way I will be able to see your strengths and weaknesses and what needs to be improved. However, I suggest you work through this free course first. There is a session on ‘bringing your writing to life’ that I think you will find helpful.

  2. Joanne defederico on said:

    I am looking for a free online creative writing. Course. I have grade 12.

  3. Waylon Bryan Guillory on said:

    I’m writing about my mother’s infidelity and I’m just starting out. I’m new to writing. Would you like to read it? It’s only several pages long. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

    • Fiona Veitch Smith on said:

      Hello Waylan. I can look at your writing, but be aware I will charge you as it is not part of the free course but a separate service. If you would like to proceed with the critique contact me via the message form, telling me how many words you are submitting, and I can tell you how much it will cost.

  4. There’s really something special about the approach here, I don’t know what but it makes me motivated and I don’t want to just rush through the exercises! Really wonderful, not overwhelming, and I really really feel like something is happening.I wish you could teach other teachers. If you had your own in person writing school I would be definitely there!

    • Fiona Veitch Smith on said:

      Hello Mwinji,

      Thank you. That is a lovely thing to say. I am first and foremost a writer myself. So in my teaching I look back and ask myself: what do I wish someone had told me when I was first starting out? I’m very glad you are getting something out of the course. Happy writing!


  5. Amanda Luoma on said:

    So happy to have found this page! Brand new to taking steps in my writing and am interested in writing picture books. While I am sure that all course material will benefit this, is there anything that deals specifically with this genre? Thanks.

    • Fiona Veitch Smith on said:

      Hi Amanda. You may find this article useful.

  6. Sweedle D'souza on said:

    Dear Fiona,

    It was a pleasure to go through your website, it has so many useful tips that I have printed out for my reference. I wish to publish my second book , dedicating to my sister in the form of a verse novel. I was very impressed by the books Sonya Sones wrote like “Saving Red” and “Opposite of Innocent”.
    Can you please send me some tips on how to get started as I have never written a verse novel before.


    • Fiona Veitch Smith on said:

      Hi Sweedle. I’m glad you enjoyed the course. I’m afraid this is all I have for you for free. I can do paid critiques of a work in progress or a finished short story / novel. However, I have never written a verse novel before so would be unable to give you input on that. Good luck with it.

  7. Marianne on said:

    How do I sign in?

  8. TINA LAING on said:

    Just want to improve my writing better. So ima hoping this course will help. Iam A full time worker and just want to do some improvements with my writing. Just really shy.

  9. Stacy Pomponio on said:

    Hello- I am interested in going through this class, along with others. I am curious tho I feel like without feedback, I don’t feel that I would be getting sorta “the good, bad, & the ugly” of my writing. For you to actually “grade” or offer feedback on actual or suggested assignments- what would that fee be? Is there an option for more of a traditional instructor led class with instructor participation. Not knowing how my work is fairing or if I am going in the right direction,!would make me crazy. It’s already a short trip. ????
    Thanks for the information.

    • Fiona Veitch Smith on said:

      Hi Stacy, I’m afraid I am not able to offer that option for you. I already have too much work on and cannot devote any more time to this course. I’m afraid it is what it is – self-directed and free. There are plenty of paid courses online that will provide that type of feedback you want. I wish you luck finding one that suits you. Fiona.

  10. Sammy on said:

    Hi, Fiona
    Umm” am really appreciate your devoted time been here to sharing with the world your visualize this your articles are great and specially encourage. I need more of your quotes I guess I can improve my skills and experience being an actor.
    With love thank you more blessing ????.

  11. Esther on said:

    I desire to be part of you.

  12. Jessica Driscoll on said:

    What is the cost?

  13. Hello I want to write a fiction/fantasy book but don’t know where to start. Will this program be beneficial for this genre?

    • Fiona Veitch Smith on said:

      Hi Brandy,
      This course teaches you good, basic prose writing technique that can be applied to any genre. It won’t teach you how to write a fantasy novel, but it will help you improve your writing style. Happy writing. Fiona x

  14. Hussein Jumaah Kheder on said:

    As far as I know , there are many sites that teach one how to write. I think this is a good one and I am happy with it. Becoming a writer is my utmost aim , but I also know that writing is a tyring process and it needs patience to suceed in.
    Thank you

  15. Bud Hall on said:

    I’ve been wanting to write a book (s) fiction and non-fiction got many years. Now that I’m reaching retirement I’m needing to get serious.

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